Beach Volleyball Blunders

Bike riding beach bar crawl started beautifully. Picture a gorgeous day, the three of us swerving/ winding our way through the sand, a bit tipsy but the merrier for it. Straight ahead: a sand volleyball court! Off the bikes, through the brush, onto the court. Alex, Summer and I versus our opponents: the local Balinese hotel workers, game on. 3 on 3 quickly became 6 on 6. After about three extremely heated (competition and weather wise) games, we were ahead. The ball was served and Summer did the craziest, most artistic leap, crash dive for the ball I had ever seen. “Good on ya, Sum!” However, her landing was not so spot on. She sat in the sand, cradling her arm, as she asked- quite calmly- for someone to pop in her dislocated elbow. I stood in helpless horror as I watched a little Balinese man grab her arm and in one motion, reset her elbow. Our beach bar crawl ended with us dejectedly walking our bikes back to the tiny hospital on Gilli Island, and Summer very confidently and without hesitation, bargaining with the doctors for her medical fee. Only in Bali.


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