Sunset Surf Sesh

Surfing was on our must-do list in Bali, being that we had just come from the Gold Coast Australia, where surf culture is THE culture in this white sanded beach mecca and we wanted to continue our surfing streak.  We didn’t have the time to make a trek to one of the more highly acclaimed surf beaches “off the beaten path” – a phrase which later came to define everything we sought after – so we settled for the beach in Kuta, the crowded and tourist-packed city center. The sand was covered in trash and as we waded into the Jacuzzi temperature water the crashing waves brought an assortment of cups, candy wrappers, and other unseen litter against our legs.  In between sets, we took to playing a game called “Seaweed or Trash” where we’d grab a handful of the mystery matter beneath the surface and guess what it was. Trash won with flying colors. It was sad to see one of the most picturesque beaches on the planet destroyed by pollution but the serene beauty of the sunset kept us in the warm water as the sun disappeared over the horizon and the clouds faded from orange to grey.


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