Mr. Gay Hong Kong

While in Hong Kong, we were lucky enough to get a coveted invite to the gay event of the year—none other than Mr. Gay Hong Kong. The event is held annually to find the face (and the body) of Hong Kong’s GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community)—picture a Miss America Pageant with 5 outrageous gay guys instead of 50 dull beauty queens.

The show opened with a spectacular drag number. Being 5’10 means having a height advantage over every Asian (aside from Yao Ming) so we had a clear line of sight to scrutinize the drag queens. We were thoroughly impressed by the makeup, wigs and costumes that kept their masculine features as well hidden as their “packages.” The competition was divided into three rounds–swimwear, formal wear and Q&A–the vote is then put in the hands of the audience. Swimwear was obviously our favorite. The men proudly strutted their perfectly chiseled bodies across the stage as the crowd, consisting of every gay in Hong Kong, went nuts (no pun intended). One of the contestants, Trevor, was a ridiculously good looking white guy. We are not sure how he got in the competition because he’s definitely not from Hong Kong, and this might be wishful thinking, but I’m not sure he was even gay. Obviously Kaela voted for him, but I tried to be more politically correct and vote for one of the Asians. We were told “The whities never win,” so Kaela was ecstatic when the announcer was down to the final three contestants and Trevor was still standing. Unfortunately, the announcer royally screwed up, and after giving Trevor his condolences, stated that he was actually the 4th runner up (polite code for last place). Trevor plastered on a smile but was obviously mortified. We made sure to find him after the show and tell him if this were Mr. Gay America, he would have killed it. He thanked us and said he “LOVED my shirt and it was so nice to see sequins when everyone else was so DRAB.” At that point I resigned any hope I had that he was straight. All in all, it was a fabulous night out in Hong Kong, a peek into the thriving gay subculture in a country where homosexuality is so taboo.


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