In Transit

After our time in Bangkok we were anxious to escape the neon lights, lady men and speeding taxis for the peace and promised tranquility of the Southern Thai Islands. We were planning on flying to Krabi, but we made the conscious decision to save money and take the overnight “sleeper” bus. A very wise and calculated decision in retrospect. We left at 6pm and on the way, trekking about two miles to the bus through dirty alleys and uneven streets, a wheel broke off my rolley suitcase, I lost Summer, briefly had a mini panic attack, finally found my way, leaped onto the bus, and completely passed out in frustrated exhaustion in our semi-sleeper (slightly reclined chairs but not near horizontal).

Our overnighter was, to say the least, restless. Cramped and aching, we woke at 7am and our non-English speaking driver stopped the bus in front of an unending road in the pouring rain. “Out,” he called to us. We looked at him quizzically in complete disbelief as he ignored us and went to pull our suitcases out of the back. Summer and I folded our arms and refused to budge as the sky thundered around us. “You go now, out,” he said to us as our suitcases started soaking up the many droplets that were about to shower down on us. Breaking our steady resolve, we were callously thrown out of the van despite our protests, stranded on the side of the desolate road with nothing but upturned suitcases, soaking in desperation.

About to give up all hope, a tuk tuk driver came to our rescue, and brought us to the pier. Here, we waited until a tiny canoe came to almost drown us the twenty minutes over choppy, stormy seas to Railay. The tide was so low, we had to stop about half a mile from the shore, jump out into the thigh-high water and traverse with our suitcases on our heads like Vietnamese women carrying their fruit baskets—however we were not nearly as graceful. After a complete 18-hour journey through the depths of Thai hell, we came out saturated with rainfall, sweat, and gratitude that we had finally made it. 


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