Bangkok Floating Markets

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We woke up early to meet Mr. Sandwich so he could drive us the hour ride to Bangkok’s famous floating markets. We hopped in a different sort of taxi (a big canoe with a Thai driver in back controlling the motor) and started down the narrow canal of water. As we went, we passed little houses lined straight across the ‘river’ and ventured into the heart of the village. Its hard to explain the incredible place: like a ride on Disneyland, specifically ‘It’s A Small World’, where the plastic boats in Los Angeles carried happy children into a world with dolls and landscapes meant to represent Asia. Except our boat was made of real wood and we were actually in Thailand. All along the banks were shops side to side, and we could yell to our driver to stop at any one of them while we ‘window shopped’ from inside the boat. Because their wares were the exact same as all the others that were being sold in the markets of Bangkok (Chang tanks and other bro shirts you would only find at a frat party), Summer and I were just interested in the food… of course. Women paddled canoes up to us selling all kinds of food from tropical fruits to doughy coconut pancakes to golden fried spring rolls. We happily bartered with the women to purchase all of these treats as we motored through the market. The colors of our new exotic surroundings were incredible as the tiny, vibrant, musical and magical village was reflected in the road of water below us. After a few traffic jams, we passed through the clogged network of waterways and found ourselves utterly alone down a ‘street’ with the jungle of Thailand sandwiching us from left to right. It was sunny and warm, a gorgeous and perfect day to float through a world stilted on water.


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