Local Profile: Mr. Sandwich

A good driver is hard to come by, especially in Bangkok where most cabbies refuse to run the meter in hopes of ripping you off to the full extent. That is why when we met a quality guy like Mr. Sandwich, we arranged for him to drive us to all the sights we wanted to see over the next two days—the Floating Market, Chatuchak Weekend Market, and the Tiger Temple. Mr. Sandwich was probably around 50 years old and didn’t speak great English, but he had such a desire to improve. He had a CD Language on Tape (which he alternated with his “Best of Brittney” hits), a self-annotated Thai/English dictionary, and a notepad where he would write down words and phrases he didn’t understand. Kaela and I had immense respect for Mr. Sandwich’s eagerness to learn our language, and were happy to help him work out the meanings of the mysterious phrases on his little white notepad. He asked us, “What ‘whats eating you’ mean? A customer say to me but I no eating anything.” We tried to explain it was an expression, not to be taken literally, but he still could not understand how “eat,” a word he thought he knew so well, did not relate to food. Finally, we looked up the word “idiom” in his dictionary and he excitedly announced he understood and spend the next 20 minutes discussing scenarios in which this new phrase could be used. “What’s eating you Mr. Sandwich?”


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