Bangkok has us now…

Oh what a night. Or three. Bangkok nightlife has a bit of a negative association towards it because of the infamous Khao San Road. Here, backpackers flock to the bright lights and neon signs that light up the street like a cheesy ostentatious carnival. Summer and I decided to forgo other opinions and find out for ourselves. Yes there were people shouting at us to go see a ping pong show (which Summer mistook for actual table tennis), and yes there were covetous Thai women harassing you to buy their wares (such as neon bracelets shouting obscenities through its thread), but the backpackers are just there congregated in one spot to have a good time, drink some Chang towers, and laugh at the debauchery that surrounds them.  We sat at a bar/ restaurant and ordered our spring rolls and Chang while we had a proper people watching session. However, we ended up being the targets of every other eye. Apparently the two of us California girls sitting alone with our hair up in modelesque buns attracted the on looking and friendship of all the Asian people surrounding us. We were invited to drink at other tables, asked to take pictures with, prodded and poked until Summer ate some crunchy fried worms.

Though it is not eloquent or tasteful, we decided that for a night or two, Khao San Road was what we had predicted and hoped for. We ended up going to a club called, wait for it… “The Club” which is exactly what you would expect it to be. With tightly clasped  hands, we wove a maze through the crowd. Neon lasers and housey techno carried on over to another night in a separate district called RCA. Here, we paid entrance to a double indoor/ outdoor club (which we could then use on our drinks) and enjoyed the live music and local feel to the trendy side of a slightly more sophisticated Bangkok nightlife. One side of the edifice scooped us into a stuffy world of laser beams and thumping bass, facing an Asian DJ who was absolutely killing it. We both agreed, red bull vodkas in hand (warning, the red bull is about two times as strong) that Bangkok and its bad reputation was the perfect place for just a little bit of innocent fun.


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