Babes in Laos Laos Land

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I’m not really a fan of babies…generally speaking. Feel free to pass judgment – I’m used to it – but there’s just something about them that bugs.  My friend (who understands and shares my baby-related opinions) and I even discussed getting some “No Babies Allowed” signage and putting it in the in the windows of whatever restaurant we were dinning in or boutique we happened to be browsing at the time. “NBA” (no babies allowed) became our token coin phrase for whenever we saw inappropriate baby etiquette taking place.

However, there’s something about the kids in Laos that brings out my baby-lover alter ego that I didn’t even know existed until now, and quite frankly, it terrifies me.  Suddenly, I was acting the role of a baby paparazzi – waving smiling and chasing them around. Some of them smiled back, others ran away…but they were all just so freaking cute! Angelina really had the right idea, going into other countries and snatching up all the cute babies around.

I don’t know who I am anymore.


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