Kaela Eats Meat, Kaela Eats Meat…She likes it, she likes it…


Well hello world, my name is Kaela Friedman and I officially eat meat. Now don’t get all dirty with me, I am talking about 18 years of never eating any beef or pork. Not even just a little. It was our last night in Hanoi and we decided to get some street food, since it is the absolute most authentic and best Vietnamese food out there. We B lined it to a little alley we stumbled upon (literally, 4 beer Hanoi’s deep) and sat down on baby plastic stools that barely held our weight… the Vietnamese are very small. We were brought a small fire burning grill, oil, and a heaping plate of raw veggies, french fried potatoes, and raw beef. The little Vietnamese man left us to our own devices so like the adventurous hunter and gatherers we are, Summer and I began cooking and a fryin’ with oil and lots and lots of chili. At first I was weary that her raw, black and blue-straight from the animal- beef was touching my beautiful sizzling veggies. However, after my first round of onions, bean sprouts, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini (I know my mouth is watering again too), I looked over at Summer and saw the insatiable look in her eyes as she ate her meat, grease dribbling happily and undisturbed down her chin. I knew this was the moment. The moment of all moments where something predestined happens and the world is ready for your transformation- in my case to the dark side. I grilled some bread, front and back, and put onions, tomato, and a french fry or two inside. Then Summer placed a heaping amount of well cooked BEEF on top. I closed the sandwich, closed my eyes, and took a big whopping bite (no allusion to Burger King of course cause we are authentic here). My life would never be the same. It was, for lack of a more comprehensive, grandiose and better word, phenomenal. I proceeded to have about 5 more steak sandwiches, Summer and I laughing the whole time, food high, in complete and total ecstasy.


2 responses to “Kaela Eats Meat, Kaela Eats Meat…She likes it, she likes it…

  1. NOOOO…not you too! The dark side is consuming my family…first Courtney, then you and now dad wants to cross over! What’s a non-carnivore to do?

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