I Can Never Drink Starbucks Again…

I’ve been obsessed with coffee since I was three years old and my grandma gave me spoonful out of mere curiosity – to everyone’s surprise I demanded more and have been drinking it ever since. As I left Melbourne, a city of self-proclaimed coffee snobs, and justifiably so, I was already preparing myself for the coffee withdrawals I was sure to feel when I returned to the watered down version of Starbuck’s lackluster espresso and lattes that I never seemed to mind until I was introduced to the “real deal” in Australia.

I’d heard nothing about Vietnamese coffee, but I took one sip and was blown away. Served with sweet and condensed milk – a newfound discovery that I fully intend to take back to the States, despite the odd looks I may receive – it’s strong, robust and sweet at the same time. Served hot, with ice, or even over yogurt if you’re feeling adventurous, Vietnamese coffee is a hidden gem that I could just not drink enough of. 


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